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Explore Live Channels TV guide to discover the comprehensive Afrocentric channel package only available from ANTV Network.
Become a member of ANTV network and receive unlimited access to our entire channels offered in ANTV package which includes 20 live channels in addition to VOD channel with library containing thousands of movies and TV shows. ANTV offers 24/7 TV Guide for all its 20 live channels. At African Network Television (ANTV), my Africa is Your Africa.
ANTV Network exclusive Afrocentric programming is dedicated to various subgroups comprising the people of African descent that represent the global Africa. ANTV channel package includes exclusive movie channel, dedicated music channel, French Africa channel and much more.
ANTV channel package is deemed a must have for all. There is no better way for firsthand experience and exposure to Africa, its people, culture, lifestyle, and entertainment. Whether to connect with African heritage, or for educational reasons, future travel preparation, business exploration, or even humanitarian purposes; ANTV has something unique to offer.
Join free for one month! ANTV viewers enjoy lively discussions on current affairs and cultural programming that reflects the global African experience within and outside the perimeters of it’s borders. With entertainment that includes thousands of Nollywood best movies including those featuring the top one percent famous Nollywood superstars; in addition to documentary, movies comedy, music from around the continent of Africa and its diaspora such as African American films, and beyond.