Orakle VOD Entertainment Channel - African Network Television (ANTV)


ANTV Network package includes Orakle VOD, an entertainment channel with extensive media genre and categories that ranges from African Movies, to TV series, documentary, comedy, dance, and other various entertainment subtypes. Orakle VOD channel gallery has thousands of African Movies from the best of African cinema to award winning African movies such as “Pardon” to top Nollywood movies. ANTV channel package is deemed a must have for all. There is no better way for firsthand experience and exposure to Africa, its people, culture, entertainment and lifestyle.
Orakle VOD channel is the place for all African entertainment. This comprehensive channel has extensive media gallery that is available 24/7 anytime anywhere. Be sure to check out Orakle VOD gallery by claiming your free 30 days trial today. By becoming ANTV Network member, you will receive unlimited access to the entire video library including thousands of latest entertainments such as Nollywood movies and much more.
ANTV Network provides global central platform for connecting all persons of African descent from around the world through engaging serious conversations about Africa’s prospects and challenges while highlighting the various people of African descent from around the world that are crafting better global future for all. In addition, ANTV helps its viewers to share in Africa’s treasure and the beauty of its heritage through cultural entertainment.